VALVE CLOSING DEVICES made of silicone, certified for foodstuff

Certified closing device made of alimentary silicone to give off fermentation gases in barrels and barriques.

Patent P. no. 00830847.0

Certificate released with products.

– Automatic removal of fermentation gases with no effort or time wasting.

– It completely protects barrels (barriques or carati) from any possible warping or breaking, due to the pressure of gases produced by the fermenting wine; such gases could not otherwise find any way out. the barrique will be saved from any damage and can be used until complete depletion of tannin released by the wood..

– Cost-effectiveness. The regular use of our valve plug during the fermenting period of wine in the barriques, considerably reduces winery fixed costs, with no effort and with incredible energy, time, and money savings. it will no longer be necessary to manually operate the gas removal from the barriques. this way you will need to check them less frequently.

We recommend you to use the valve plug only during the fermentation period and to replace it with the traditional silicone plug – our code pe001 full, or pe003 hollow version.


The protection plug for the gas removal has a double function: firstly, it isolates and protects the central body from impurities and small bugs usually found in a winery and secondly, the plug is removable, and it is also made of silicone, with a hardness level of 75sh. it can easily rise when the fermenting gases push towards the top, and it can go back to its original position when the gases stop pushing, adhering again to the central body of the valve plug.

The glass or stainless steel ball located inside the cavity of the central body of our plug is the real valve of the plug. at rest position and without gases pushing upwards, the ball perfectly closes the duct thus preventing air and impurities from entering the barrique. only when fermenting gases push towards the top of the barrique, the ball is pushed, thus allowing the gas to be discharged. during its movement, the ball maintains a constant pressure inside the barrique, preventing wine spilling, as well as any warping or breaking of the barrique.

CODICE ØA mm ØB mm H mm SFERA Ø mm16
PE005 55 47 50 VETRO
PE005/A 55 47 50 ACCIAIO ISI 316
PE006 60 48 60 VETRO
PE006/A 60 48 60 ACCIAIO AISI 316

La morbidezza del ns. silicone alimentare è compresa tra i 35 ed i 40SH. Questo favorisce la perfetta aderenza al cocchiume della botte, garantendo che dall’esterno non vi siano infiltrazioni di aria.